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Sandy Dhuyvetter
There is little question that the Mother of the ‘baddest’ Bounty Hunter in the Galaxy is Sandy Dhuyvetter. Dhuyvetter is best known by her fans as ‘Momma Fett’ for her contribution to the character of Boba Fett. Sandy produced custom art for Lucas that included set designs and artwork for “More American Graffiti” and the first 3 Boba Fett costumes in her commercial studio named Day Dream Productions near San Francisco in 1977 thru 1979.

Sandy has dedicated her career to the Arts which includes designing, illustrating, writing, and performing music both on stage and in studio. Since moving to Leelanau County from San Francisco Bay Area in 2013, Dhuyvetter continues to play music and distribute her creative designs and illustrations via the entertainment and tourism industries around the world. She is currently the Director of Leelanau UnCaged, a one day music and art event that highlights 35 bands on 5 stages. Art vendors also offer their wares along with 17 food truck vendors.   Sandy also works extensively with the country of Jordan and her partner Mona Naffa Nazzal.    

George Powell
George’s formal education is in photography, which he has practiced for book illustration, architectural, documentary, as well as landscape and artistic photography. 

He pursued a career as an entrepreneur Boatwright, boatbuilding, pattern-making, model-making for architectural design, and specialized and curvilinear architectural detailing, such as staircases.

He currently owns and operates a company performing museum restoration of historic wooden  vessels, particularly those used in lifesaving. One such restoration was the vessel used in the filming of the Disney move, The Finest Hours. He is presently engaged in the restoration of three vessels of 80 110 and 170 years old. He often gives presentations on historic reconstruction, including the restoration project for Disney.

He is the chairman of the music committee in charge of choosing 35 performing bands and acts for the annual one day music festival called Leelanau UnCaged, one of the top rated annual music festival in Northport MI.

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